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Evolution Of Disease

Evolution of disease. In the earlier days life styles were simple, the diseases were also simple. As and as the life styles become complicated and food and living habits become more complex the disease started evolving in a more complex way.

Nature because of it’s ever protective ways always tried to keep humans healthy. In doing so it always limits the disease to the organ of least importance. The organ on which the existence of the human beings depend e.g. heart are the ones which the nature normally tries to protect as much as possible. These are organs which are normally affected only at the last, when nature has no other resort left.

Evolution Of Disease

Evolution Of Disease

The ever protective mechanism of the nature is also dependent on various parameters. The most important being:

  1. Following the norms of life.
  2. Proper balanced and nutritious diet.
  3. Adequate rest.
  4. Adequate physical exercise.
  5. Adequate familiar support.
  6. Familial and generic background (miasms).

When one or more of these parameters are disturbed it produces disequilibrium of life and disharmony in living. This disharmony of life is manifested as altered sensations and functions, which are presented in form of sign and symptoms.

This is known as disease and this is how disease evolves. If this sign and symptoms are neglected, nature keeps fighting against these developments as much as it can and tries to localize the disease to organs of least importance. If still these sign and symptoms are neglected then the localized pathology produce and the disease progresses.

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