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Evolution of man | Human Evolution

Evolution of man | Human Evolution. Human Being are necessarily social animals. They since ancient times by virtues of their basic needs have stayed to gather and formed society. The needs in ancient times were very preliminary as the spirit of competitiveness was not there. Their basic needs were only related to physical survival. As the basic needs were purely physical their approach to life was also very uncomplicated.

evolution of man

Evolution Of Man

They lived to eat and survive and moved in group and shared things within the group so that everyone in the group can survive. Procurement of food was easy because of limited population. Their basic work was to eat, survive and reproduce. They started reproducing in a big way, which again was a defense mechanism for protecting themselves against animals and harmful influences.

Thus the lifestyle of the primitives was very simple and they had no mental or emotional complaints. What ever ailments they got were of purely physical nature. Once they started reproducing in a big way, population increased. This led to competition among-st the population to produce food. The resources of the food remained the same but they had to be distributed among-st a large group of people.

This was the first beginning of competitiveness among-st the human race. Now as they had to compete among-st them self to get the food, they started to think of ways in which they can defeat other people in getting food. The race for survival started among-st human beings and so began the psora. The resources kept becoming laser and lesser and the needs of the human started becoming more and more.

As and as time passed the needs of human become more refined from simple food to objects of comforts and luxury. With time the human started to think how they can make their lives more comfortable. This thinking process led to technological advancement. As and as technology improved, people craved more and more comfort and started becoming dissatisfied with their lifestyles. This led to advancement of psoric disorders.

With this dissatisfaction they started losing the basic virtues of life. i.g what is right and what is wrong. They took to wrong means for getting materialistic comforts. They worked less physically and more mentally. Even the need for physical work started reducing with more advancement of technology, but the mental stress increased because of excess metal work. Then came the knowledge revolution, which led to starting of thoughts and ideas individuals leading to further growth and development of human race.

Evolution of man

Evolution of man

With the advent of travel technology the distances become less and less and sharing of knowledge become easier. With this the physical efforts of human being still minimized and he started getting mental troubles. Today the technology has so advanced that if the man wishes not to exert physically at all, his most of the physical needs will be taken care of by machines.

Human today exert more and more on mental sphere, and so have become more prone to psychosomatic diseases.


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