How do you remove stains from a swimming pool?


How to Diagnosing the Stain?

1. Look at the color of your pool stain to classify the cause.
2. Watch for organic stains on the floor of your pool.
3. Be on the lookout for inorganic or metal based stains.
4. Seek out professional assistance.
5. Be sure to take a proper water sample for diagnosis.
6. Make sure you perform a TOTAL metal test as part of your regular testing.
7. Use test strips to test the water at home.
8. Try a liquid test kit.
9. Determine if your fill water is the problem.

Treating Organic Stains

1. Remove the organic materials from your pool surface.
2. Acid wash your pool.
3. Try an enzyme shock treatment and stiff scrub brush to remove stains.
4. Shock your pool with chlorine.
5. Remove localized stains with muriatic acid and a scrub brush.
6. Skip harsh chemicals with an abrasive scrub.

Treating Metal Stains

1. Take the proper steps to get rid of any metal in your pool.
2. Turn off all machines and pool equipment near the pool water.
3. Lower the chlorine level in your pool between 0 and 2 parts per million.
4. Remove metal stains with ascorbic acid.
5. Restore a healthy chemical balance in the pool water.

Preventing All Stains

1. Make pool maintenance a regular routine.
2. Prevent metallic stains from making a return.
3. Keep organic pool stains out of your pool by keeping your 4. pool water free of natural debris

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