Rofl : How To Ask Questions The Smart Way ?


How To Ask Questions The Smart Way ?

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  1. Its depens on you how you are being smart!!

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  2. Alfred Medina

    There are 5 basic Technic Define to ask question smart way.
    As you say how to ask question smart way.
    Answer to this question is.
    Part One : First you have to explain your misunderstanding.
    Example : “I’m sorry, I think I misheard you…
    Part Two : Second one you have to “State what you know…”
    Example : “I understand that the job includes……… ” Use I understand and state what you know…
    Third One : State what you don’t know…
    Example : Use word like I don’t understand, I am unclear, But i think…… etc etc
    Forth One : Sound like confident. It will add more value to conversation.
    Fifth One and Last One : Come Back …
    Example : Use world like Oh, i am sorry….. I thought you said something completely different….
    These are the basic way to ask question smart way.
    Share more idea… Thanks for interesting question ever. 🙂

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