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Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Step to Login/Register : Login / Register
  2. How to add question to site : Click on add question which is shown on top bar of website. or directly Click on : Add Question 
  3. How to Answer any Question : Answer Box or Comment Box is available below every post/questions. You can add answer from comment box.
  4. How to Verify Email Address : While you register to website you get verification link in your mail box. Just click or past link on url box to verify your account.
  5. How to Delete,edit or update question and post on website? : You just click on edit question or edit answer or edit post to edit your stuff.
  6. How to edit profile : Go to your profile page and select edit option to edit your profile page.
  7. How to contact site owner? : If you have any query regarding functionality of site you can contact us via contact us page : Contact us
  8. What is privacy policy of website? : Privacy policy
  9. What is support email ID ? :
  10. What is support phone number? : +919375521521